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A New Day…

Anyone who knows me knows that I love creating things (mostly papercrafts), and that although this crafty compulsion wasn’t evident until I was well into my adult years, it has not subsided with age.  For the past four years + I have been affiliated with Fun Stampers Journey, a direct sales company based in Phoenix, Arizona.  The company is extraordinary…high quality products and a passion for customer service.  I have loved every minute of my affiliation so far, but late last month, we received the news that the company is changing its model and will no longer have a direct sales approach…in fact, it is merging with Spellbinder’s (also one of my faves) and will be featuring the products of both companies.  I hope to join their affiliate program shortly so watch for news and product features to follow.  I have so enjoyed the community I have met through Fun Stamper’s Journey and hope to continue the adventure with the new format.  Many thanks to the people who have served in the Journey Station and made the lives of over two thousand coaches better through their service.  You have been a blessing to all of us…


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